Transfer Bot (Autobuyer) FUTmaker

is a program that automatically earns FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Coins by buying and reselling cards in the Transfer Market

Автобаер FUTMaker - вкладка "Inventory"


Will do everythingfor you

The bot works on a Windows computer and supports all game platforms - PC, PS, Xbox. Right now you can download the transfer bot, just press a couple of buttons and the bot will start earning your first coins right away. The trial version will work for free until you earn 20,000 coins.

  • Easy - Does not require special market knowledge and trading skills
  • Quick - Picks up players and prices to buy/sell them himself
  • Continuously - Automatically solves the captcha and continues to work
  • Transparent - Notifies you about progress and statistics in Telegram
  • Safely - Works like a person in a browser without giving himself away
  • Profitable - Can automatically sell earned coins
  • Flexible - Has flexible parameters to customize for each person


Автобаер FUTMaker - вкладка "Inventory"

One way to get FIFA 22 UT coins for free without investing (without donating) is to use transfer bot (autobuilder) FUTMaker. At the same time we offer the opportunity to use our transfer bot absolutely free! To do this you need to tell us one of the following services: