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Bring a new customer
We will give you a free license for the period paid by your friend. Just send us his and your HardwareId, and after the receipt of payment we activate both licenses. Thus, by bringing us new customers you will be able to earn coins without investments using our bot.
Promote the transfer bot FUTMaker
We will give you a free 1 day license for each positive review or message on any resource (forum, social network, YouTube, etc.). You can find already existing posts for the keyword "FUTMaker" (in Google) or create new topics. This will take into account the quality of advertising (naturalness, use of the right keywords, popularity and topicality of the resource, etc.), perhaps we will give you not days but months of free use of the transfer bot FUTMaker. All in your hands, just send us a links to your posts.
You can offer your way of mutually beneficial cooperation
It can be recording and publishing a video about our bot, advertising on our website, affiliate program, etc. We are ready to cooperate and listen to everyone.
One way to get coins FIFA 21 UT for free without donate is to use the transfer bot (autobuyer) FUTMaker. At the same time we provide the opportunity to use our transfer bot absolutely for free! To do this, you need to tell us one of the following services:
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+7 985 759-31-84
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